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Title: Targeting stemness of cancer stem cells to fight colorectal cancers
Author: Du, Lei; Cheng, Qi; Zheng, Hao; Liu, Jinming; Liu, Lei; Chen, Quan
Abstract: Cancer initiating/ stem cells (CSCs) undergo self-renewal and differentiation that contributes to tumor initiation, recurrence and metastasis in colorectal cancer (CRC). Targeting of colorectal cancer stem cells (CCSCs) holds significant promise in eradicating cancer cells and ultimately curing patients with cancer. In this review, we will introduce the current progress of CCSC studies, including the specific surface markers of CCSCs, the intrinsic signaling pathways that regulate the stemness and differentiation characteristics of CCSCs, and the tumor organoid model for CCSC research. We will focus on how these studies will lead to the progress in targeting specific surface markers or signaling pathways on CCSCs by monoclonal antibodies, or by natural or synthetic compounds, or by immunotherapy. As CSCs are highly heterogeneous and plastic, we suggest that combinatory approaches that target the stemness network may represent an important strategy for eradicating cancers.
Corresponding author: Du, Lei
Impact Factor: 17.012
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PubYear: 2022
Volume: 82
Page: 150-161
Journal: Seminars in Cancer Biology
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