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Director`s Address

Institute of Zoology (IOZ), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is a government-funded scientific research institution based on the basic research of zoology. Formerly known as Fan Memorial Institute of Biology, IOZ was established in 1928, and has a history of more than 90 years. Over the course of its long history, IOZ has produced many outstanding scientists, including the famous scientist Dr. Bing Zhi. 16 Academicians of the CAS have studied or worked in IOZ. Our predecessors at IOZ have pioneered many branches of zoology in China, and have made important historical contributions in the fields of national natural resources investigation, establishment of nature reserves, management of pest insects and rodents, conservation of rare and endangered animals, reproductive biology, contraceptive medicine, stem cell biology and so on.

During the implementation of the CAS Knowledge Innovation Program, IOZ has developed rapidly, achieved remarkable achievements in many disciplines, and significantly improved its innovation capabilities. IOZ now has three state key laboratories, two CAS key laboratories, two state science and technology resource sharing service platforms and one national zoological museum, which are respectively, State Key Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management, State Key Laboratory of Stem Cell and Reproductive Biology, State Key Laboratory of Biomembrane and Membrane Biotechnology, CAS Key Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology, CAS Key Laboratory of Zoological Systematics and Evolution, National Stem Cell Resource Center, National Animal Specimen Resource Center, and National Zoological Museum. As the main National Animal Specimen Resource Center, IOZ now hosts approximately 8.5 million specimens, which has boosted the development of a wide range of areas. The National Stem Cell Resource Center has a complete cell resource quality system, which collects, stores and shares nearly three thousand stem cell lines and sixty thousand stem stock vials, greatly promoting clinical and industrial translation in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

IOZ has an excellent talent team, with 422 employees, 111 postdoctoral researchers and 716 advanced degree students. Among them, four are current Academicians of the CAS. IOZ scientists have made important original achievements in stem cell biology, reproductive and developmental biology, animal cloning, integrated pest management, monitoring and control of alien invasive species, zoological systematics and evolution, theory and practice of wildlife conservation, wildlife epidemic diseases research, biopesticides research and industrialization, etc. Since 1978, IOZ scientists have won many nationally prominent science and technology awards, including ten State Science and Technology Awards and seven State Science and Technology Advancement Awards.

In the future, with the mission of building "Healthy China", "Beautiful China", and the vision of "building a human community with a shared future", IOZ will continue to aspire for the world's scientific and technological frontiers, meet the demands of the national economy and development in the fields of human health, biosafety and ecological security, modern agriculture and biodiversity conservation. By identifying key scientific and technological directions, and major output targets, IOZ will promote research in the areas of reproduction and regeneration, organ reconstruction, aging and diseases, integrative biology and behavior regulation of pest and rodents, zoological systematics and evolution, endangering mechanisms and strategies for conservation of endangered species. IOZ scientists are aiming at major original breakthroughs, key technologies and innovative achievements, in order to raise its scientific and technological innovation capacity to a new level.

We express our most heartfelt thanks for the guidance, help and support from all friends home and abroad. In this new era, with the spirit of "dedicating to science, serving the country, talent oriented and pursuing excellence", IOZ scientists will boost the "China dream" by promoting a "scientific and technological dream", and fostering overall scientific and technological innovation. By achieving the goals of "Three Addresses" and "Four Firsts", and building up the system and mechanism for innovation, IOZ will pursue a bright future.

Xiangjiang Zhan

Deputy Director General (Chair)

Institute of Zoology

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tel: +86-10-64807098, Fax: +86-10-64807099, Email:
Address: 1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R.China
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