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Lipid-mediated phase separation of AGO proteins on the ER controls nascent-peptide ubiquitination Molecular Cell 2022
BMAL1 moonlighting as a gatekeeper for LINE1 repression and cellular senescence in primates Nucleic Acids Research 2022
PCBP2 maintains antiviral signaling homeostasis by regulating cGAS enzymatic activity via antagonizing its condensation Nature Communications 2022
Rapid Spread of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus by Parthenogenetic Asian Longhorned Ticks Emerging Infectious Diseases 2022
Large-Scale Chromatin Reorganization Reactivates Placenta-Specific Genes that Drive Cellular Aging Developmental Cell 2022
Past climate cooling promoted global dispersal of amphipods from Tian Shan montane lakes to circumboreal lakes Global Change Biology 2022
PEBP balances apoptosis and autophagy in whitefly upon arbovirus infection Nature Communications 2022
A rodent herbivore reduce its predation risk through ecosystem engineering Current Biology 2022
Symbionts and gene drive: two strategies to combat vector-borne disease Trends in Genetics 2022
Heterochronic parabiosis induces stem cell revitalization and systemic rejuvenation across aged tissues Cell Stem Cell 2022
Biological invasions facilitate zoonotic disease emergences Nature Communications 2022
Skin and heart allograft rejection solely by long-lived alloreactive TRM cells in skin of severe combined immunodeficient mice Science Advances 2022
Decoding the Temporal and Regional Specification of Microglia in the Developing Human Brain Cell Stem Cell 2022
Targeting stemness of cancer stem cells to fight colorectal cancers Seminars in Cancer Biology 2022
Cross-species metabolomic analysis identifies uridine as a potent regeneration promoting factor Cell Discovery 2022
Endothelial cells mediated by UCP2 control the neurogenic-to-astrogenic neural stem cells fate switch during brain development Advanced Science 2022
The behavioral and physiological ecology of embryos: responding to the challenges of life inside an egg Biological Reviews 2022
Incomplete lineage sorting and phenotypic evolution in marsupials Cell 2022
Enhanced protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 elicited by a VSV vector expressing a chimeric spike protein Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy 2021
Dosage sensitivity and exon shuffling shape the landscape of polymorphic duplicates in Drosophila and humans Nature Ecology & Evolution 2021