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The 5th International Conference on Rodent Biol...
Rodent adaptation and survival under global change

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Schedule for “Summer Training Course (STC)”
[ 2013-07-10 ]

July 12 Morning Session 

9:00-9:40 Opening Session

9:40-10:00 Tea-break

10:00-10:50 Ecological genomics生态基因组学(1) Le Kang

11:00-11:50 Ecological genomics生态基因组学(2) Le Kang

July12 Afternoon Session 

14:00-15:00 Structure, function, and activation of insect prophenoloxidases昆虫酚氧化酶原的结构,功能,与活化Haobo Jiang

15:00-16:00 Two plant defense proteins: their modes of action两种植物防御蛋白:作用方式Keyan Salzman

16:00-16:15 Tea-break

16:15-17:15 Insect-plant interactions: comparative studies on two Helicoverpa species 昆虫与植物的相互作用:棉铃虫和烟青虫的比较研究Chenzhu Wang

July13 Morning Session 

8:30-9:30 mRNA sequencing and its application in entomological research  mRNA测序和它在昆虫学研究中的应用Que Lan

9:30-10:30 Mechanisms of hypoxic adaptation in a storage insect pest, Callosobruchus maculatus仓储害虫四纹豆象的低氧适应机制Keyan Salzman

10:30-10:45 Tea-break

10:45-11:45Insect sex pheromone communication: comparative studies on two Helicoverpa species 昆虫性信息素通讯:棉铃虫和烟青虫的比较研究Chenzhu Wang

July13 Afternoon Session 

14:00-15:00 Biological Function of insect sterol carrier protein-2昆虫固醇载体蛋白-2的生物功能 Que Lan

15:00-16:00 How is sex determined in insects and humans?昆虫与人类的性别决定及补偿机制(1)Xianchun Li

16:00-16:15 Tea-break

16:15-17:15 How is sex determined in insects and humans?昆虫与人类的性别决定及补偿机制(2)Xianchun Li

July14 Morning Session

8:30-9:30 Mandomics: genes, transcripts, and proteins in a lepidopteran model species烟草天蛾组学: 一种鳞翅目模式昆虫的基因、转录物和蛋白质群Haobo Jiang

9:30-10:30 Interactions between parasitoid wasps and hosts寄生蜂与寄主相互作用的研究进展 Zhen Zou

10:30-10:45 Tea-break

10:45-11:45 Biochemistry of the Manduca sexta immune system in the genomic era基因组时代的烟草天蛾免疫生物化学Haobo Jiang

July14 Afternoon Session 

14:00-15:00 Molecular Ecology: Current state and future trends昆虫分子生态学-现状与趋势Dexing Zhang

15:00-16:00 Applications of next- generation sequencing technologies in entomology新一代测序技术在昆虫学领域的应用 Songnian Hu

16:00-16:15 Tea-break

16:15-17:15 Methods for measuring genetic differentiation种群遗传分化的度量方法Dexing Zhang

July15 Morning Session

8:30-9:30 Antimicrobial peptides: activity, activation and regulation抗菌肽的活力、激活与转录调控Xiaoqiang Yu

9:30-10:30 Cytochrome P450s and their metabolic detoxification-mediated insecticide resistance in insects细胞色素P450s及其解毒代谢介导的昆虫抗药性Nannan Liu

10:30-10:45 Tea-break

10:45-11:45 Insect sodium channels and their mutation-mediated target site insensitivity in insecticide resistance昆虫钠离子通道及其突变介导的昆虫抗药性中的靶位点不敏感性Nannan Liu

July15 Afternoon Session 

14:00-15:00 Trends in molecular biology of disease vectors媒介昆虫分子生物学的最新进展 Zhen Zou

15:00-16:00 New signaling pathway and transcription factor in insects昆虫中新的信号转导途径及转录因子的探索Xiaoqiang Yu

16:00-16:15 Tea-break

16:15-17:15系统生物学解决方案与前沿应用 Zhengxiang Zhang

July16 Morning Session 

9:00-10:00 Social homeostasis and behavioral regulation in termites 白蚁的社会稳态和行为调节 Xuguo Zhou

10:00-10:15 Tea-break

10:15-11:15 Technical writing and visual presentation 技术写作和视觉呈现 Xuguo Zhou

11:15 Closing ceremony

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