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Brief Introduction

  Institute of Zoology (IOZ), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is a government-funded research institution in zoological sciences. It has a long history of over 80 years. The predecessor of IOZ was Fan Memorial Institute of Biology founded in 1928. Many distinguished scientists including thirteen CAS Academicia...
  Research progress
Wisdom is Power: Female Budgerigars Prefer Males wit...
Dr. Jiani Chen, Yuqi Zou and Prof. Yue-Hua Sun from Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, published a research paper "Problem-solving males become more attractive to female budgerigars" on Science, which was online on January 11, 2019. This is a story of male budgerigars gaining favo...
Wild panda in Foping Nature reserve2_副本_副本.jpg
Research Shows Benefit of Giant Panda Conservation F...
The giant panda is a flagship species of wildlife conservation worldwide, and its black and white pelage and cute appearance attract people all over the world. It is also an umbrella species of wildlife conservation; protecting the giant panda also protects other endangered wildlife sympatric wit...
Hematopoietic hierarchy – an updated roadmap
Hematopoiesis, a dynamic and well-organized process, is maintained by a rare number of multipotent cells – hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). HSCs not only can self-renew to sustain the stability of HSC pool, but also can differentiate into different types of mature blood cells.

  News and Events
Chinese researchers produce mouse pups with same-sex parents

  WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 -- Chinese researchers produced healthy mice with two mothers that went on to have normal offspring of their own.
  The study published on Thursday in the journal Cell Stem Cell used stem cells and targeted gene editing to render same sex r...
Director of International Stem Cell Bank

  Position Description:
  The International Stem Cell Forum (ISCF, is composed of twenty-one funders of stem cell research around the world. It has been founded since January 2003 to stimulate international collaboration and fund...
New Papers
The neuropeptide F/nitric oxide pathway is essential for shaping locomotor plasticity underlying locust phase transition
Bam-dependent deubiquitinase complex can disrupt germ-line stem cell maintenance by targeting cyclin A
Historical range, extirpation and prospects for reintroduction of saigas in China
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