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The 5th International Conference on Rodent Biol...
Rodent adaptation and survival under global change

Workshop on Phylogenetic comparative methods in...
The 31st IUBS GA and Conference on Biological ...
Special issue of Integrative Zoology: Biologica...
Exploring and integrating cellulolytic systems ...
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  New Papers
Increasing potential risk of a global aquatic invader in Europe in contrast to other continents u... 2011-04-27
Two single mutations commonly cause qualitative change of nonspecific carboxylesterases in insects 2011-04-17
The dissipation rates of trichlorfon and its degradation product dichlorvos in cabbage and soil 2011-03-27
miR-499 regulates mitochondrial dynamics by targeting calcineurin and dynamin-related protein-1 2011-02-22
Effects of transgenic Bt cotton on overwintering characteristics and survival of Helicoverpa armi... 2011-02-14
Transient β2-Adrenoceptor activation confers pregnancy loss by disrupting embryo spacing at impl... 2011-02-14
Potential efficacy of mitochondrial genes for animal DNA barcoding: a case study using eutherian ... 2011-02-14
Vomeronasal organ ablation elicits chemosensory dysfunction and abnormal behavior in mice. Journa... 2010-10-29
Performance of criteria for selecting evolutionary models in phylogenetics: a comprehensive study... 2010-10-11
A call-independent and automatic acoustic system for the individual recognition of animals: A nov... 2010-09-14
Agonistic encounters and brain activation in dominant and subordinate male greater long-tailed ha... 2010-08-27
Oxytocin and vasopressin immunoreactive staining in the brains of Brandt's voles (Lasiopodomy... 2010-08-27
Cooperation and Stability through Periodic Impulses 2010-08-06
Effect of gonadotropins on oocyte maturation in vitro: an animal model 2010-07-27
Development of an autofluorescent Pseudomonas nitroreducens with dehydrochlorinase activity for e... 2010-07-16
Retinoic Acid-Metabolizing Enzyme Cytochrome P450 26a1 (Cyp26a1) Is Essential for Implantation: F... 2010-07-07
Eight new spider species of the genus Pholcus (Araneae, Pholcidae) from China 2010-07-02
miR-9 and NFATc3 regulate myocardin in cardiac hypertrophy 2010-06-27
Perfluorododecanoic Acid-Induced Steroidogenic Inhibition is Associated with Steroidogenic Acute ... 2010-06-18
Concentrations and Accumulation Features of Organochlorine Pesticides in the Baiyangdian Lake Fre... 2010-06-10
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