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State Key Laboratory of Membrane Biology

State Key Laboratory of Membrane Biology (LMB), established in November 1990, is jointly operated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Tsinghua University and Peking University. The laboratory is comprised of three closely collaborating divisions: the Membrane Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Division at the Institute of Zoology of CAS, the Membrane Biophysics and Biotechnology Division at Tsinghua University and the Ion Channel and Receptor Molecular Biology Division at Peking University. 
After 21 years’ development, the laboratory has built up a high caliber research team, which includes a group of very active biologists at the national and international levels. Among them, there are three members of CAS or CAE, eleven recipients of the “National Outstanding Young Scholars”, two recipients of the “National One Thousand Distinguished Talents Program”, seven recipients of the “One Hundred Talents Program” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and four recipients of the “Chueng Kong Scholarship”. LBM now have 33 principal investigators working in multi-disciplinary biomembrane research fields, including cell biology, molecular biology, physiology, biophysics, immunology and membrane protein structure. Many principal investigators are on the editorial board of various international scientific journals. 

Research Focus 
  Structure and function of membrane proteins: Membrane protein structure, interactions of membrane proteins and lipids, functions of membrane proteins in human diseases. 
   Signal transduction and transmembrane transport: Signal transduction of cell proliferation and apoptosis, ion channels and transmembrane transport, transplantation immunology.
   Bioenergetics: Energy metabolism of mitochondria and chloroplast, roles of mitochondria in human disease, cell senescence and aging. 
   Membrane biotechnology: Biomembrane for drug delivering, structural and functional studies on bio-macromolecule and biochip, stem cells and tissue engineering. 



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