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The 5th International Conference on Rodent Biol...
Rodent adaptation and survival under global change

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  Research Progress
Differential responses to warming and increased precipitation among three contrasting grasshopper species 2009-04-14
Induced Susceptibility of Host Is Associated with an Impaired Antioxidant System Following Infection w... 2009-04-03
Sublethal effects of spinosad on survival, growth and reproduction of Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidopter... 2009-03-30
Tibetan antelopes largely adapted to the presence of Qinghai?Tibet Railway 2009-03-23
Changes in estrogen receptor-alpha variant (ER-alpha 36) expression during mouse ovary development and... 2009-03-20
Two new sex pheromone compounds of mice have been identified 2009-03-18
Research Group of Cell Proliferation and Signal Transduction in IOZ made progress in research of regul... 2009-03-02
National Research Center for Wildlife Diseases in IOZ found siRNA inhibited H5N1 virus 2008-12-19
A Series of Environmentally Benign and Pollution-Free Baculoviral Insecticides Been Successfully Devel... 2008-03-05
The Giant Panda is not at An “Evolutionary Dead End” 2007-10-16
Intrinsic Self-regulation and ENSO Determine the Classic Har-lynx Cycles 2007-10-08
Research Progress of Rhinopithecus of China 2007-09-26
Thousand-year-long Chinese time series reveals ecological effect of low-frequency temperature on locus... 2007-09-24
Project Undertaken by IOZ regarding Environmental Protection on Qinghai-Tibet Railway Has Passed the S... 2007-07-17
“Invasive red turpentine beetle under control in China” 2007-05-11
Recent Advances in Sino-USA Collaboration Project on Ecological Complexity and Ecosystem Services 2005-10-17
Sino-Canada Bilateral Collaboration Research on Reproductive Health Became Effective 2005-09-10
First Asian Yellow Goat cloned by using local goat 2005-08-27
HPAI H5N1 subtype was found in migratory waterfowls of Qinghai Lake. 2005-07-09
Embryonic stem cell lines established from cloned embryos in the bovine ? Model for Therapeutic Clonin... 2005-03-26
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