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Director`s Address

Institute of Zoology (lOZ), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), is a government-funded research institution at the forefront of zoological sciences with a history over 80 years. The predecessor of lOZ was Fan Memorial Institute of Biology founded in 1928. Professor Bing Zhi, the first director of IOZ, is one of the main founders of modern biology in China. IOZ has been recognized as the cradle at modern zoology in China, as many distinguished scientists including thirteen CAS members started their research career in lOZ. Some of them are the founders of various sub-disciplines of zoology in China, such as Professor Chen Shixiang (Entomology), Professor Ma Shijun (Ecology ), Professor Tong Dizhou (Experimental Embryology), Professor Zheng Zuoxin (Ornithology) and Professor Zhang Zhiyi (Reproductive Biology) . lOZ also has reinforced its national and international status with many significant contributions, such as successful control of China’s chronic agricultural pest-locust, control and management of other pest insects and rodents, establishment of the first nature reserves in China, conservation of giant panda, crested ibis and other endangered animals, reproduction and contraception, and fish nuclear transfer.

For the past 20 years, IOZ has experienced rapid development in scientific research. Currently, IOZ is home to three state key laboratories and two CAS key laboratories, namely, State Key Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management, State Key Laboratory of Stem Cell and Reproductive Biology, State Key Laboratory of Membrane Biology, CAS Key Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Conversation Biology, and CAS Key Laboratory of Zoological and Systematics and Evolution. The Zoological Museum of lOZ, with over 6.5 million animal specimens, is the largest zoological museum in Asia. Field stations and research bases also play important role in lOZ research programs. Among our competitive research staff, IOZ is especially proud to count 3 CAS Members, 1 National “Thousand Talent Program” fellows, 30 CAS “Hundred Talent Program” fellows and 26 national ”Outstanding Young Scientists”. A number of major achievements in the fields of reproduction and development, animal cloning, control and management of pest insects and rodents, monitoring and control of invasive species, prevention and control of wildlife-borne infectious diseases, conservation of wildlife animals, and industrial production of bio-pesticide, have been recognized internationally.

Our research efforts have been focused on both basic science to address fundamental questions and applied research to meet the national and public demands in the field of agriculture, biodiversity conservation, and human health. The goal of our strategic planning aims to make lOZ a pioneer research organization in the field of Zoology by nurturing three major breakthroughs, including mechanism of cell programming and reprogramming, control of pest insects and rodents, animal evolution and conservation; and six priorities, including stem cell regeneration and translational medicine, regulatory mechanism of reproduction and development, sustainable control of biological disaster, conservation of rare and endangered animals, species formation and biological diversity maintaining, and animal disease models. With the tremendous efforts of our faculty and staff, and more young talents to join us, IOZ is growing stronger everyday.

Finally, I would like to warmly acknowledge the valuable support from various institutions and organizations. I sincerely invite outstanding scientists to visit us, join our team, or establish collaboration. By working together, I firmly believe a bright future for lOZ.

Zhou Qi


Institute of Zoology

Chinese Academy of Sciences

September, 2017

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Address: 1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R.China
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