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The 5th International Conference on Rodent Biol...
Rodent adaptation and survival under global change

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Researchers from the CAS disclose genome-wide variations in the secondary structure of DNA among people 2021-05-18
Researchers Reveal the Formation and Disassembly Mechanisms of Membraneless Organelles 2021-04-29
Researchers Provide Novel Insight Into the Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Expansion At Single-... 2021-04-01
Scientists unravelled similar but not identical evolutionary trajectories of birds in adaptation to a ... 2021-03-23
Scientists decoded the spatio-temporal dynamics of bird migration routes and the genetics basis of lon... 2021-03-04
Researchers reveal the roles of protein O-GlcNAcylation in modulating human placental trophoblast diff... 2021-02-25
Scientists develop a new gene therapy strategy for delaying aging 2021-01-07
Researchers reveal a unique cellular strategy in placenta to compensate nutrient deprivation during pr... 2021-01-07
Discovery of a gustatory receptor tuned to the steroid plant hormone brassinolide in the diamondback moth 2020-12-18
Researchers Provide Novel Insights into Human Skin Aging 2020-11-25
Researchers reveal that METTL3 counteracts premature aging via m6A-dependent stabilization ... 2020-10-10
An aphid-secreted salivary protease activates plant defense in phloem 2020-10-09
Comparative genomics reveals genomic signatures of coevolution between non-model mammals and parasitic... 2020-09-28
A symbiosis explained: how a beetle’s bacterial associates enable an invasive bark beetle—fungus com... 2020-08-25
Stem Cell Reports | Generation of foxn1/Casper Mutant Zebrafish for Allograft and Xenograft of Normal ... 2020-08-21
Researchers Reveal RNA structural dynamics regulating early embryogenesis 2020-08-07
BLOOD| Smarca5 mediated epigenetic programming facilitates fetal hematopoietic stem and progenitor cel... 2020-08-07
Unlocking olfactory secrets of the Oriental armyworm, a major pest in cereal crops 2020-08-04
Researchers Reveal a New Role of CLOCK in Promoting Stem Cell Rejuvenation and Cartilage Regeneration ... 2020-08-03
UTX Regulates Human Neural Differentiation and Dendritic Morphogenesis 2020-07-20
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