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The 5th International Conference on Rodent Biol...
Rodent adaptation and survival under global change

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Water Channel-dependent excessive uterinefluid impairs embryo implantation 2014-11-18
Ncor2 is required for hematopoietic stem cell emergence by inhibiting Fos signaling 2014-07-18
Chinese Wall of Ants - New wasp species protects its progeny with dead ants 2014-07-04
TLR ligands and IFN-γ exhibit antagonistic effects on protease HTRA1 expression in rheumatoid arthritis 2014-07-03
Embryo-uterine orientation at implantation requires uterine RBPJ signaling 2014-07-02
A Protocol for Species Delineation of Public DNA Databases was developed by Chao-Dong ZHU’s lab and p... 2014-06-16
Residence time, expansion toward the equator in the invaded range and native range size matter to clim... 2014-06-10
Diversification and vicariance in two species complexes of Tomocerus (Collembola) from China 2014-05-22
Epigenetic modifier Ezh2 regulates adult neural stem cell proliferation and cognition 2014-04-18
The embryos of birds and reptiles actively cope with temperature challenge 2014-04-03
Inhibition of endothelial ERK signaling by Smad1/5 is essential for hematopoietic stem cell emergence 2014-03-13
IOZ Team Established Knockout Pig Model for von Willebrand Disease Using CRISPR Technology 2014-02-17
Population size and time since island isolation determine genetic diversity loss in insular frog popul... 2014-02-17
New circulating small RNAs (tsRNAs) found associating with active infection 2014-01-22
CIP2A inhibitor shows promise in preclinical study for lung cancer 2013-12-19
Solving the pitfalls of pitfall trapping: a two-circle method for density estimation of ground-dwellin... 2013-11-08
miR-142-3p regulating the formation and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells in vertebrates 2013-10-30
Linking climate change to population cycles of hares and lynx 2013-10-22
The origin and state evolution of body scales in Collembola (Arthropoda) 2013-10-09
Further research published on New Phytologist found that elevated CO2 increased the abundance of the p... 2013-09-29
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