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The 5th International Conference on Rodent Biol...
Rodent adaptation and survival under global change

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Model human X chromosome random inactivation using naive human embryonic stem cells 2020-07-17
Researchers depict genome-wide R-loop landscapes during human stem cell multi-lineage differentiation ... 2020-07-13
Coprophagy Regulates Energy Metabolism and Cognitive Behavior by Affecting Gut Microbiota 2020-07-10
A novel major locus in regulating beak evolution of the Ground tit 2020-07-07
Tobacco budworm moths have receptors in their egg-laying organs that detect odorants produced by their... 2020-07-07
Researchers Discover That Overcoming the Genomic Imprinting Barrier Improves Mammal Cloning 2020-06-19
Animal invaders threaten protected areas worldwide 2020-06-12
Researchers Provide Novel Insight into Primate Islet Aging 2020-06-11
Scientists reveal novel epigenetic mechanism underlying human stem cell aging 2020-05-20
Researchers Provide Novel Insights into Primate Arterial Aging 2020-05-08
Climate change shapes the vole population by regulating the composition and metabolism functions of vo... 2020-04-22
Novel Insight into the first multi-tissue single-cell transcriptomic atlases in Rattus norvegicus 2020-02-28
Population genomics of red pandas reveals two phylogenetic species and their different evolutionary hi... 2020-02-27
Endophallus Spiraling Occurring After Its Eversion Is An Innovation In Beetle Evolution 2020-01-03
Scientists uncover mysteries of the robustness of dorsoventral patterning 2019-12-19
Chromosome-level genome assembly for giant panda provides novel insights into Carnivora chromosome evo... 2019-12-16
New research provide a strategic advantage for the next generation of anti-obesity drug development 2019-11-20
Neural precursor cells regulate the development of microglia during the early brain. 2019-11-14
Neural precursor cells regulate the development of microglia 2019-11-12
Primate embryos grown in the lab to gastrulation stage 2019-11-07
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