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The 5th International Conference on Rodent Biol...
Rodent adaptation and survival under global change

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Risk of Biological Invasions is Concentrated in Biodiversity Hotspots 2016-10-11
Advances in the study of penetration resistance of insects to insecticides 2016-09-29
IOZ scientists revealed new solutions for 3-D imaging of small animals. 2016-09-14
Studies uncover a long non-coding RNA that is critical to air pollution-induced lung cancer 2016-09-06
Syndecan-4 suppresses Antiviral Signaling by Deubiquitinating RIG-I via CYLD 2016-09-01
Scientists identified a new role of RNA polymerase III complex in regulating hematopoietic stem and pr... 2016-08-25
Ca2+ load-activated Ca2+ (CLAC) release channel has been identified 2016-08-18
Dr. Chunsheng Han’s team has just published their work on the in vitro model of meiosis in Stem Cell ... 2016-07-04
Brown adipose tissue transplantation ameliorates polycystic ovary syndrome 2016-02-24
MicroRNA-276 promotes egg hatching synchrony by upregulating brm in locust 2016-01-07
A new study shows climate and topography as the determinants of range sizes in terrestrial vertebrates 2015-12-28
Unexpected role of inflammatory signaling in hematopoietic stem cell development: its role beyond infl... 2015-12-22
From subtlety to fate: new insights for the first mammalian embryo fate decision 2015-10-22
IOZ scientists discovered the mechanism of fate determination of embryonic T lymphoid-primed progenitor 2015-08-21
COOL PANDAS 2015-07-13
Scientists discovered Chromatin Remodeling Protein Bptf Promotes Posterior Neuroectodermal Fate by Enh... 2015-07-10
Big Roles of MicroRNAs: CAS Scientists Reveal Functions of MicroRNAs in Regulating m6A Form... 2015-02-13
Water Channel-dependent excessive uterinefluid impairs embryo implantation 2014-11-18
Ncor2 is required for hematopoietic stem cell emergence by inhibiting Fos signaling 2014-07-18
Chinese Wall of Ants - New wasp species protects its progeny with dead ants 2014-07-04
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